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My Experiences

Writing paragraphs since childhood inspires me to be one of those people who can express their feelings on paper with no difficulty. The evolution of my writing was very slow for that I did not fully write any serious thoughts on paper except when I bought my first journal ninth grade because I was going through a few hard events. What has unleashed my creativity in writing was during my first English class in college for Professor Chris Grooms, may his soul rest in peace, he had pulled up a personality from me that I have always felt but never knew how to use it. Afterward, I found many opportunities to write exactly what I am thinking about into paper which also has influenced how I communicate with people and to choose the right words. Philosophy class has helped me through a hard time and taught me how to live my life correctly, and of course, that would not be happening if not for Professor James Kirk.

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My Background

Born in Damascus, Syria I was the youngest child in my family. Science and math were a big part of my interest during childhood. Grew up as a person that observes others and switching my interest to understand other people’s way of thinking. In addition to observation, I started to have philosophical questions that I tried to find answers for through logical reasoning and a bit of research. Having doubts about the reason of existence at such a young age made me have doubts about my own religion. In order to nullify such doubts I began to self-study my own religion, Islam, and then gaining some knowledge about other religions, and by doing so I started to use my own sound of reason and tried in my best way to not be biased where I found Islam as the right answer for my questions. Such process of thinking inspired me to share the knowledge that I acquired and would like to help other lost people that are searching for the meaning of life and how to better themselves.
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Join My Journey

I am currently writing a book titled, “The Chaos of Free Will” I would really like it if you guys are interested in such topics where I am going to regularly post and hope you guys like my style of writing and thinking. I do not mind any feedback, but I am also a sensitive soul like everyone else, so please be kind with your own words for that all of us die and the only thing that remains is people’s impression of us.