Valid Emotions

To live means to feel. All creatures have emotions, whether they be able to express it or not. Emotion is an experience that can be a reaction to an action or a reason for an action. Sometimes emotions can be felt through heart and sometimes it can be felt with the mind. Whether it be the cingulate gyrus or the soul that feels, emotions are what makes humans who they are. They are associated with the very first breath a newborn takes.

Psychology of today looks at the importance of answering and validating a child’s emotion in order for them to grow into a healthy functioning adult. For example, when a child is crying and that emotion is neglected by the parent, then the development of self-control for the child becomes flawed. The child that had to cry till out of tears is more prone to be a violent adult that cannot control their emotions in comparison to a child that cries and someone comforts them in order to stop crying. Some adults with anger issues would think that this is how they are, and this is part of their character and it cannot be changed, however others would reflect upon themselves and try to understand as to why they have such anger issues and try to fix such behavior. All these issues would have been avoided if the parents or the surrounding culture of the growing child validated their emotions.

However, most societies around the world that are man-dominated are culturally taught to suppress emotions and not to express them which will cause an even greater issue where simple disagreement becomes a big conflict due to the lack of correct self-expression and displaying the only validated “manly” emotion which is anger. This created a very unhealthy society that called for doctors and therapists existence and to have pills that would be able to control such emotions rather than having to deal with it by themselves.

The study of Psychology and Neuroscience have helped people a lot understand how emotions affect the body and how eventually all those maladaptations will reflect on the long run both physiologically and politically.

Unfortunately, invalidating others emotions became a common practice where someone who decides to express them is called sensitive, and for someone who doesn’t express them is strong. A society that is built on stoicism and dissociation disapproves of what is an essential component of a living being. What is supposed to be in our nature is rejected, and that causes for many problems to come from different countless directions.

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