Did COVID-19 Pull an UNO Reverse Card on Extroverts?

A normal schedule pre-COVID-19 used to look like this:

8:00 am leave for work or school

During those outside-house-hours a type of socialization must happen which probably would lead to extracurricular social gathering due to the fact one must make a social group in that place for those daunting slowly running hours to make it lighter on the heart.

5:00 pm come back home

During those times a catch-up socializing with the family if one didn’t live alone.

Such a normal schedule is exhausting to most introverts which leads them to run immediately to their room, or run away to an isolated place for some time to gather up some energy in order to keep going for the day.

Therefore, a ‘normal’ schedule is really just an extrovert schedule because extroverts are what leads the majority of the society which means the minority AKA introverts are forced to live outside their nature schedule to accommodate to what is ‘normal’.


COVID-19 turned such normal schedule upside down and made ‘quarantine’ an introvert lifestyle the generalized lifestyle, and boy did that make such a huge mess? especially to the majority of the society who are categorized as extroverts.

Even though the whole situation is catastrophic, it did show the extroverts a perspective of how to live in a lifestyle opposite to what your nature demands. I do wish for systems to change from being fully solidly extroverted into a fluid system that allows the person to live the lifestyle they want meanwhile achieving the goals of the society as a whole. I believe that if society allowed introverts to live the way they want, then they would be 10 times more productive than they used to, because social gatherings do drain the introvert mind and distract them from being fully productive.

Disclaimer: The following article doesn’t include real statistics, but rather assumptions of what they might be like.

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