What is Time?

It is very hard of me to keep up with being on time for basically anything. Either it be earlier than or later than planned time, it’s rare for me to keep track with it. For a long time I have been wondering what is time? Why is it that we have to wake up after sunrise and sleep after sunset? I know that it’s easier that way for a normal circadian rhythm, but with my insomnia that is further proved to be irrelevant. Why do we even count years, months and days. Why is it seven days in a week not ten?

I understand how essential it is to have time because even though consciously we don’t keep track of it, our bodies do. Whether it be the menstrual cycle, digestion, or a heartbeat. This world is created with precision whether I like it or not. So much so, that even a missed heartbeat causes problems, even a late period causes concerns, how fast food gets eaten to be excreted earlier or later than six hours could mean that there’s something wrong with the digestive system.

Time creates harmony in music, deliciousness in food, and good memories with loved ones. Time could be torture for a person who’s doing a plank, or during undesired situations. Time is just somehow and somewhat out there, and my life depends on how I spend it.

However, with all this understanding, why does it feel like time is my enemy? Is it because I know that a certain time, I would not be here anymore just like I was never here before?

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