Confronting Future

Problem solving is a skill obtained throughout life in order to survive. The better the approach, the easier life becomes. Confrontation is one of the ways of solving problems, and I see it as facing personal obstacles vis-a-vis in order to achieve internal peace.

Throughout childhood, it was very easy to go around the confrontation route, because no responsibility was being held by me and there are always alternative ways of getting the result I want without spending too much effort and time. However, growing up now with all responsibilities coming at me one after another, it’s hard to go around the classical way of achieving the goal.

Due to the way I lived my life, the relationship between me and my future has become more complicated than I anticipated. Looking at all the steps I had to take in order to achieve my goal has overwhelmed me. So much so, at some point, the fear has paralyzed me.

In parallel, such understanding occurred to me while reading a book. By looking at the number of pages, paragraphs and sentences, it demotivated me, created doubts in myself for ever finishing such a long book. So, what I started doing is covering the whole page except the sentence I’m about to read. One line after another, I’m able to finish a chapter and adding more and more eventually I’ll be done with the whole book. Eventually, I realized that it’s not an all-in-one step, rather, it’s focus on what I have to do now and worry about later when the time comes.

In conclusion, confronting problems and solving them, should not be taken as go all or go home mentality. Rather, one certain step after another will surely provide success.

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