No One is Better than Me

I am not better than anyone, and no one is better than me. We are all equal whether it be on the long-term or the short term. Yes, some of us have better-shown talents, but that doesn’t mean that the others are not as talented as well. The only difference between a talented person and a “non-talented” person is that one has discovered their talent just a little bit earlier than the other. It does not mean that one’s talent is greater than the other. If we only just lost the pros and cons of every single person from birth to death, we find that all the same. We all came from nonexistent and will end up nonexistent. No need to brag, and no need to look down on people. Do not get jealous from others and try to screw up their plans and their success, because one day you are going to have your own success and you will wish that people would be happy for you, so you should be happy for other’s success too. It is hard I know. The only thing you need is a strong conviction and faith in God that he will not let you down and you would not let him down in return.