The Exhaustion of Being Kind

While I try to solve my own problems, other people come to me in order to solve theirs. I gladly take that request and get distracted off of my own problems while doing so. They came to me because they had hope in me to solve problems they cannot do on their own and because I have past experience with such problems. What could be going wrong, right? Helping is a good thing, but constantly helping without taking care of myself is not good, because, after a while, my energy will be too drained. I will have a hard time coming back to solve my own problems where I left them half unfinished and came back to them exhausted.

Surround yourself with people that would care for you as much as you care for them. If people around you do not do that, then what is the point of having them around but them benefiting themselves? Kind people deserve a break, and people should not take advantage of them because the moment they decide to leave a person, they do it for good.