Platonic Life

When God created Adam from clay and molded it into a specific shape, and after the clay solidified it was empty on the inside. Afterward, when God blew a soul inside the body of Adam, the body itself came to life.

Humans live their lives stuck in their bodies. Some never pay attention or pretend that they don’t and continue living until they die. Others struggle to live with it and try to escape such prison. Socrates, for example, abhors the body and all the pleasure and pain it brings so that it would remind the soul of the attachment. Many of those like Socrates, who perceived the body as a prison, try to stay away as much as possible from such bodily necessities. Buddha would not have gone to the enlightenment state if not depriving the body in order to feel the self, as known as the soul. Many of high intellects would aim for such state, but unfortunately, not all succeed.

To succeed, the materialistic world should be forgotten, and the unseen, unexperienced through body senses is embraced. Not only could that help achieve free will in a better approach, but it strengthens the soul and helps it merge with the harmony of the world where everything is understood and nothing is out of place.

Knowledge is the key. To know is to be. For that seeking for the truth and the truth only is what going to help the mind to complete and for the soul to be nourished. Because when a human knows, that human understands. When an understanding has accomplished, an initiative to change and level-up starts to form and only then can one merge with the universe and achieve the real definition of freedom.

When such goals in life are put, it is hard for one to befriend others because rarely do others share the same goals. In order to achieve the purpose, one should pick friends wisely and make sure to be comfortable to stay with them for the long term. Strangers that instantaneously feel comfortable with each other should understand that such an indication sign shows that a relationship should be formed, and other relationships should not be forced. To not toggle the topic of intention for such relationships as early as possible could cause a loss in a potential strong friendship and higher leveling in knowledge. Meanwhile if discussed correctly and both parties are confirmed to be on the same ground, then the journey is going to be facilitated than if walked alone.

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