Empty Thoughts

To feel empty is an end route that has multiple beginnings. Being there and not being here.

Does anything matter?

Those feelings that we feel like happiness, sadness, anger, fear, rage, revenge, satisfaction, depression.

Where do all these lead us?

Events after events after events until we die.

Then what?

What’s the point?

We talk we socialize we make a memory or even a legend of ourselves and then what?

We go to our graves alone and some will remember us for several years and visit us maybe until they die and go to their own grave… alone.

A lot of people when they get to this stage they either commit suicide or search for a purpose, and what is a purpose?

A thought or a goal that keeps one going till thy get tired of thinking about it or actually reach it.

Then what?

Then what?

Then what?

Then nothing. Then emptiness. Then watch other people live their life with simplicity and envy them.



Envy, that’s an emotion. The cycle begins again.

What’s the point?

People express their concern, and ask what’s wrong.

Don’t you see? Everything is wrong, and yet you play your role. Wake up in the morning, sleep at night.

Again, wake up in the morning and sleep at night.

Happy? Satisfied? Sad? Furious? Anxious? What’s next?

Another Goal.

I don’t want to get religious, but that’s where I always end up. The thing that keeps me living.


They will eventually get over it.


Them too.


Trash of this world.

I have hope, that in the after life I would not feel empty.

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