Cognitive Dissonance

Mind and body should work cooperatively. If there is disagreement between those two, the owner will fall in a state of delusion.

In psychology, when the behavior doesn’t match the character there is a term that defines it as cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive: the root word is cognition which is originally comes from “cognitio” in Latin and it means knowledge, conception, or learning.

Dissonance: lack of agreement, as stated by Meriam-Webster dictionary.

In total this term means the disagreement between the believes, thoughts and behavior. This causes identity problems if not solved. The brain automatically tries to compromise those two in order to have some agreement. Most of the times it is the behavior that ends up to be changed in order to match the thought. If not, the person is perceived to be as a hypocrite.

No one likes a hypocrite, because that person serve no one but themselves, so there are going to be a lot of trust issues between them and other people that surround them. How should one know that this hypocrite is being honest at any moment for any reason? All they do is go around and around trying to conceive the truth. It is easy for people who have a good for people that has a great logical thinking and argumentative skills to figure out a hypocrite lies.

There is also a connection between a hypocrite and a pathological liar because those two go hand in hand to support each other. For sure there is some kind of malfunction in those people physically or maybe psychologically because a normal human with a good functioning emotions would do hideous acts to others in order to achieve what they want.

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