What is Good?

What is good?

According to google dictionary, there are multiple definitions for this word depending on its proposition in a sentence.

Generally, most of the definitions describe good as something wanted, righteous, or even a pleasant feeling. However, my question here is.

What determines if something is good or not?

Is it a common sense thing? Where people are naturally born knowing exactly what ‘good’ is? Or is it determined after a long well thought rational process of thinking by some of our ancestors that somehow we were taught about it very early in our age so we are classically trained to know what is good or not?

Socrates thought about it in another point of view with the question, “ what does it mean to be a pious person?” Is it good because God loves it? Or is it just naturally is?

Since I don’t have the right answer and will probably not get it until I get to meet God and ask him that question. I’m going to alter my question a bit.

Why do we want to be good?

Is it because we care about other people’s opinion? Is it because it gives us this ‘happiness’ like feeling? Or is it because we are told to be good? Or just for the sake of it?

What does it mean to be good?

To do what pleases others? To be a genuine person? To do what is best for the society? Doesn’t all of these questions involve other people than the self?

Does good even exist if others didn’t?

Good, after all these questions, seems to appear that it is correlated to something else every single time. That something else is others. If self existed on it’s own. There would be neither good nor bad. Therefore, as a conclusion for me at least. The only other I will consider, is whichever good for me.

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