How I Disabled MyKey Feature Off of my 2010 Ford Taurus

I bought my Ford car from a dealership and the previous owner was apparently a teenager, so it had the MyKey feature on it that limited the speed of the car to 80 mph and volume to 45. I didn’t have much problem with it until my mechanic told me I have to get rid of it since sometimes I accidentally go over 80 and the system won’t let the car do so therefore, my car’s transmission will be ruined if I kept this up. He tried to fix it through his own device but it would only work when the computer is connected and the IPC is cleared. Therefore, he told me to go to dealership and they are supposed to do it for free. Unfortunately, I did end up going to the dealership and they told me that the only way to resolve this issue is through buying a new Admin key from any Ford dealership, and that costs $200. Paying this much was not an option for me because my budget is very low. I simply couldn’t afford it.

There must be a loophole in every human made system! Is what I said to myself. After a long search I was loosing hope the more I look into it. I remembered that with the mechanic it somehow worked, but I just have to find a way to keep it disabled even without the PC being connected to it. I found a YouTube video that used the program FOCCCUS in order to get rid of it. In the video it looked so simple, and so I got motivated enough to download the program (which is for free) on my laptop, and what is left is to buy an OBD reader, and it was easy to find that on that cost me $20. Now for some reason FOCCCUS was not working with this device, even though I had the latest version.

When I was about to loose hope again, I found another video that used FORScan. Only catch is that when I followed his steps I didn’t have all the options it had. I was left alone to figure it on my own because I couldn’t any other cases like mine where the Admin key is not with me and both the Keys given to me when I bought the car already had the MyKey restrictions on it. However, here are the steps I eventually did to be able to disable it on my own:

  1. I had FORScan ready and connected to the car using the OBD II device.
  2. Registered for an extended license, cost $10.
  3. Activated my license on the app.
  4. Unchecked the demo mode in the settings icon on the left side tabs.
  5. Cleared IPC modules in the fixing icon on the left side tabs.
  6. Opened TAPS programming in the programming tab on the left side that looks like the chip.
  7. I didn’t have a remote start fob therefore I chose no.
  8. A list shows up once you click no.
  9. Click on the erase and reprogram.
  10. This will take 12 minutes to do because of security reasons and checking that you are not a thief.
  11. Once all the keys in the car’s computer system are erased, you can either reprogram it the manual way or through FORScan.

VOILA! Issue was solved for me, and I hope it will help someone out there that doesn’t want to spend a fortune on something that you can spend only $30 to fix it on your own.

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