Writer’s Block Thoughts

It has been a while since I posted anything on my blog site, and all of that is due to writer’s block. My mind started to panic whether I have lost my creativity or am I just going through so much that I just don’t have time to continue writing on here. It is honestly hard to come up with original ideas that are especially thought to please the audience. However, what occurred to me, the motto on this site itself says: let your mind speak on it’s own.

Here I am doing this motto on the spot where whatever words come to my mind are just sending neuronal signals to my fingers in order to push the buttons for each specific letter and that same exact letter is showing on the screen, how amazing technology is! Also, how amazing writing is, no need for facial expressions or even for my mouth to move in order for my thoughts to travel through space and time and reach another person whether at the moment I publish this post or even multiple years later where a kid was just discovering what writer’s block mean and thanks to google keyword matching this post might just show up in their search result.

Even before this specific technology, thanks to writing, I can read what was going on in Plato’s, Socrates and Sartre’s mind. It feels like the writing in itself is a whole network of ideas merging and influencing each others like different water colors, the moment they touch the two different colors create a whole new color as a product.

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