To Be Estranged

To be estranged. What does it really mean to be estranged?

The only definition I could find as of this exact moment, is that, to be put outside of familiarity.

This brings the second question. What is familiarity? What components make familiarity different from one person to another? And last, what determines familiarity?

Plenty of questions, and little amount of answers I know. What brought me to this question was the reflection on my past in comparison to the present.

I grew up to a particular type of language and self-expression, different architecture, plants, foods, seasonings, and eating even clothing. Having lived in Syria for 14 total years and now that I have lived in the US for 10; Four more years and the years I have lived in Syria are going to be exactly the same that I have done in the US yet my sense of familiarity is still intact with my native land. Therefore, does time really matter in familiarity? If it does, I think it’s going to be a really small percentage of it.

I believe, part of my familiarity is due to my strong attachment to my roots. I try to remind myself to remember, why am I here? And where is my goal and aim in life?

I believe in order of me to understand what his familiarity really is. Is through actually conversing with others that has gone through different intentions of travel but with the same drastic change. Maybe that way, I can have better answers and definitions to better questions.

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