On Interpersonal Matters, and Tolerance

Living beings depend on each other for survival purposes. Even though that might not seem correct directly, however, a need for another breathing being is important for mental and emotional stability.

Throughout the animal kingdom, we see that each species mostly depends on its own kind when it comes to such social matters. Humans, too, depend on each other mentally and emotionally to find a will and a meaning to continue living. This type of skill is so important that even parents get worried when they see their child not having the “proper” social skills whether it be due to neurodivergence reasoning or to a simple personality trait. Such skills, can either be natural or acquired throughout life and how they are used can change a whole life path for an individual.

Families, friends, and lovers are the straightforward support system that an individual can have. Their support matters for the individual to be redirected, motivated, and improve the individual to continue the life path and achieve the goal the individual dreams of. However, when such support doesn’t exist from such a system, is it ethical of the individual to let go of them?

One way to look at ethics is to judge whether the act that has been done is fair for all involved parties or not. For matters to be fair, one should look at them and ask, is the effort put into such relationships is on equal amounts to the best of the capacity one can do for both sides? Are both parties reciprocating whatever type of activity is directed toward them? is there an equal reaction to the action?

Therefore, to judge letting go of someone from the support system is really dependent on the situation as per any type of case for any type of judging matter. However, from a biological view of the matter and for the sake of survival, letting go when such support ceases to exist is ethical. This is due to the fact that for ties to be kept, at least one side has to spend energy on them, and if that energy is not reciprocated, then eventually the party spending their energy will soon be drained enough to not even focus on their goal anymore which was the priority.

In conclusion, even though there are multiple ways to view such matters, sometimes linear thinking of them from one direction at a time can help better view, understand, and solve the problem of which one can face. This means understanding interpersonal relationships, and whether to tolerate them or not can be viewed on a logical level when the emotional one is not so clear.

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