Self-Doubt and Courage

So many times, human brains are compared to that of computers in hopes of understanding it better through something that is familiar. There are multiple of similarities between a brain and a computer whether it be between electrical wiring between junction synapses or the speed of the connection based on the cord’s diameter. From such hardware descriptions to even software applications. There is a familiar place where everyone turns to when an app is giving us a hard time.

Task manager; Self-doubt

Just like how a task manager helps us fix a problem with a running app on the computer, our self-doubt can help us fix what we see as a problem.

Now, one might think, how come self-doubt is similar to a task manager? Clearly, the task manager is out there to help you to get rid of obstacles, but self-doubt itself is the obstacle. Those two are polar opposites!

Self-doubt can help us see our own faults and work on them. Self-doubt with courage, is like task manager with the “End Task” button. Without that button. Our task manager would be just a list of the tasks that we can do nothing about. However, thanks to the courage, we are able to accept that a task has to be ended in order to open it again and try it again and hope that this time it will work.

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