In Oxford dictionary, unbothered definition is, “showing or feeling a lack of concern about or interest in something.”. Since it’s a lack of concern, it really doesn’t mean lack of care. Sometimes, a person can care and have trust that things will be alright no matter what, and by that people might confuse a person who constantly seem unbothered by the chaotic environment going around them by thinking that this person simply does not care.

I’d like to think now after passing 23 years that I’ve got somewhat understanding of how things go. With all honestly I completely don’t but would like to pretend I do. Therefore, throughout living through these years and through all those traumatic experience that I’m pretty sure each person on this planet go through their own life challenges, life events are not always getting bad and not always going good. There is always ups and downs. What really matters here is to not be phased by the down and loose all self-esteem and home, and to not feel so grandiose with the ups but to keep a humble stable state of mind. Through this, I can say that it helps me go through those concaves on the calculus chart where the derivatives keep changing from a positive to a negative and vice versa.

There is no need to make someone feel that you’ve got it worse or better, rather, it’s whether you show the support to them or not is what would make difference in their lives.

However, if someone has caused you harm or wronged you. There is also no need to be there for them because when you tried to give a helping hand and save them, they were trying to pull your hand and make you fall. I would say, in this particular situation, it is completely fair to let go and hold back the helping hand because at this point it’s not helping anymore, in contrary, it’s now harming one extra soul.

Other than that, really, slow and steady always wins the race!

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