An Advice

Growing up we face multiple life choices and routes and sometimes we just don’t know which decision is the right one. In such situations we might go for someone who went through somewhat similar routes for an advice on what did they choose and how the consequence was, and whether to or not follow the same decision. In many times we take such advices to heart and as a stable conclusion. Little do we really take in account what are the core values of that person and what advantages they had over you when they faced such decisions.

Lets start with the advantages part. If for example someone was contemplating whether they should get a higher level of education than of what they have currently or just be satisfied with what they have. In such situation that person would really think mostly about two or three things:

1) what’s the benefit in it for me?

2) How long will it take me to achieve my goal?

3) How competent am I to be able to succeed in such route?

The answers for these questions will definitely be different from one person to another and that could go from how much responsibilities they have in their life to how much experience they have in such field and whether or not they even have the genetic advantage to reach that goal or do they have to spend extra time working on such skills to build them and proceed on forward.

Second point for what to consider when taking the advice is to compare the values behind such goals. The person they are talking to, what is their values in comparison to theirs? Did they grind for the title, fame, money, or just simply the feeling of fulfillment by doing what they like?

In conclusion, when taking an advice, one should really take in consideration whether such advice would really help or mislead them. Should they keep that advice in mind or let it leave throughout the other ear.

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