At The Limit

A limit is an interesting concept where in my view it is a line whether it be physical or non, that ends a thing and starts another thing.

To elaborate, a limit in another sense can mean a boundary, like borders between one country and another, where this arbitrarily decided end of a country land and the beginning of another.

Human beings are very focused on limits because without them, they’d be lost. So much so, it exists everywhere, from physics, chemistry, land, emotion, and even stages of life. The Limit of childhood would be between teenage years and birth. This could vary from each field of view, but that’s not the main concern.

Furthermore, even when it comes to math, there would be a study (calculus) to find the limit of functions. Then comes the part where at a point, the humans had to accept such concept as no limit, infinity.

Thanks to Google where I searched when was infinity founded and to my amusement the concept was “invented” by an english mathematician in the 1655.

This has brought to my mind.. what about religious beliefs? They have been always talking about such concept, at least, in accordance to my knowledge, it would be the Abrahamic religion, and specifically in the Surah al Ikhlas that the concept of limit does not even fit to God. Where the Creator has no beginning and no end, so such concept of time is just a concept and nonexistent without the Creator.

This brings me back to thinking that is this why possibly most humans are just so not comfortable of no limit that they deny it? So much so that they want to decide that this certain amount of land is theirs? And whoever crosses it needs their permission? The denial of the fact the earth has no limits because it’s not flat, and it just connects on its whole sides without any corners?

I honestly don’t know why I started this post and don’t know how to end it, but maybe that’s ok because eventually, even writings and thoughts have limits.

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