The Line

A line can make multiple things from just stacking up other lines like itself. A horizontal line and a vertical one depending on their position in relation to each other can create different results and meaning just like the letters L and T. Lines of carbon chain can form graphite and then it can build a word. A line of thread can build a sweater or a shirt. A line of blocks can build a home or a well. A line of people can make crowds and communities. So many different lines and so many different things.

A line can be our path in life. It doesn’t have to be a straight line, it can have ups and downs and lefts and rights. That same line can have a neighboring line that includes our friends and families where our lines meetup and intertwine and separate and then meetup again. some lines have colors and when they cross ours they change up a bit of our own line color, it depends on how strong of concentration our path colors and those that crosses them have and to what product of a color they both make.

Some lines could be parallel, where they never meet with any other line. Those lines are taught in classes like geometry. Those lines are somewhat bound to such a route that no matter where they go, they just never cross anything or anyone. Those lines appear to be bland and solid colored. Those lines might have a yearning to have some new companion in it’s path that it can cross with, but alas, there is no point in doing so because it is in their definition to never meet.

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